Our Mission

Our Mission is to make imaginations fly. This image is from our Family Fiesta 2013 where we had a super hero theme.

Salisbury Arts Centre is a meeting place for artforms, artists and audiences. We love the arts and we love people; we exist to bring them together.

Our mission is… To surprise, challenge and include people in thought provoking creative experiences.
Why? Because communities thrive when imaginations fly.

Basically we believe that the arts make life better and that everyone should have the opportunity to experience them.

We present theatre, music, dance, comedy, family shows, films, exhibitions and workshops. We regularly offer free activities – from Live Lunches to Family Festivals - so people can try things without worrying about money.

We know everybody likes different things. We love that individuality and we make it our business to offer a diverse programme to appeal to varying tastes. We realise not everyone will love everything we do but we don’t think that’s a bad thing. We’re confident you’ll like something.

We take pride in being brave enough to show things that are challenging. If it gets people thinking and talking, we think that’s positive!