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Membership and Loyalty

Our structure 

Salisbury Arts Centre is a registered charity that is passionate about giving everyone the
chance to experience the arts.  At the root of everything we do is the belief that communities thrive when imaginations fly.

Creative thinkers solve problems and spark endless invention, building exciting communities that people want to be part of.

By working with the community and programming performances, films, workshops and
exhibitions that spark creative thought, Salisbury Arts Centre attracts over 60,000 visitors each year.

We work with young people to develop their skills and confidence and help them to achieve
their big ambitions. We support artists to create their work and share it, providing a local platform for artistic talent to thrive. 

We do it all out of a love of arts, people and community.

Salisbury Arts Centre (St Edmunds Arts Trust) is governed by a Board of Trustees which meets regularly and oversees all financial, legal and operational issues of the charity. The Board of Trustees holds an Annual General Meeting each year to which members are invited and at which the annual report and accounts are available for viewing.

Download our most recent Annual Report and Accounts