Resident Artists

Resident Artists: Mirka Golden-Hann

Big State Theatre Company
Big State was formed in 1996 by a group of professional performers. It is a co-operative that devises and performs original accessible comic theatre and uses its creative genius to inspire young people.

Through workshops, they use improvisation techniques and film to help young people develop their imagination and communication skills.


Link Up Arts
Link Up Arts is a group of artists and art lovers in the Salisbury area who have disabilities and are passionate about the arts. They aim to promote and support disabled artists' work and develop the opportunity for artists to present their work. They also give advice on disability artists and art in the South Wiltshire area and provide a free newsletter.

As part of their partnership work with Salisbury Arts Centre, Link Up Arts hosts Cafe LUA in the Arts Centre cafe once a month.


Two Destination Language
Two Destination Language is made up of Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie who both share interests in a variety of contemporary performance practices, traversing art and theatre. They formally created Two Destination Language in the summer of 2011 after a year of working together.

They joined our creative family in 2011 as a resident company and have already brought us all kinds of excitement including their very first Flint - cutting edge microfest.

Live art, movement and drama have their place in both artists’ histories. A belief that live work should have its audience at its core, and that artists should strive to create stimulating experiences for their audiences, is the foundation of their collaborative practice, Two Destination Language.

Community, identity and memory are the ideas which percolate all Two Destination Language work: an interest in boundaries and otherness, belonging and personal history. For the artists, community is a corollary of performative work, and it is a pleasure to share in its exploration. Interculturalism is also important to both artists; Alister’s Scottish heritage and Katherina’s Bulgarian background give them an interest in how cultures interact and develop.


Smoking Apples
Award winning Smoking Apples produce high quality theatre, that more often than not, works with difficult, hard-to-digest subject matter. Using puppetry and visual theatre, the company create innovative shows, making their subjects enjoyable and accessible for audiences. They combine puppets, live actors and an identifiable and unique style of movement.

Hoodwink Theatre Company
HOODWINK was started in 1997 to create new visual theatre and cross-art form performance events that are innovative and accessible.

HOODWINK theatre company is in residence at Salisbury Arts Centre after a long and fruitful series of collaborations, projects and performances. We are looking forward not only to producing new shows at the Arts Centre, but getting to know existing Arts Centre users and audiences better and to reaching out to new ones with projects, workshops and events.

We combine indoor and outdoor touring in the UK and abroad with site specific and participatory performance projects. The company has built a reputation for its unique combination of striking visual images, comedy, and specially commissioned music and sound.

We are interested in responding through residencies and commissions to specific and inspiring locations. 


Mirka Golden-Hann
Mirka is Salisbury Arts Centre's resident ceramicist, based in the old crypt of the St Edmund's Church building which is now a fully equipped pottery studio. From here Mirka teaches regular workshop courses - one of the hottest tickets in the Arts Centre programme so get in early if you want to book - and creates her own stunning ceramics, as pictured right.

 Mirka graduated from the renowned Harrow ceramics course in 1999. She received 'Best Student Award' at the Art in Clay festival later that year and has subsequently exhibited her work extensively in the UK and mainland Europe. In September 2009 she completed her Masters studies at Bath Spa University with a first class degree, specialising in colour in salt-glaze - a technology which is the area of her expertise. Mirka's fascination with colour manifests itself in her new porcelain work created at the Arts Centre's pottery. Mirka is a published maker and an experienced pottery teacher.

If you would like to make an appointment to visit the workshop, enquire about tuition or commission/purchase Mirka's work please ring The Pottery on 01722 343034 or email Mirka.