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Are you a dab hand at photography? Upload your photos and you could be featured on our website in the Interactive Zone gallery! We want to see your visual interpretation of the arts in Salisbury as well great pictures of your daily lives.  So if you’ve taken part in an event or activity at Salisbury Arts Centre, take a photo and prove it! Outside the Arts Centre, around Salisbury and beyond, capture the moment with a photograph and you could exhibit your work here.


To get you started follow these tips to transform your photograph into a hot shot…

  • Move in closer - Each time you spot a subject, snap a shot and then get closer for a better shot. Details are often more interesting than an overall view.

  • Be quick - Your subject might move, bolt, fly away, stop smiling, or just get tired of waiting for you to take the picture. Shoot right away!

  • Look at the light – Great light makes great pictures. How are the shadows falling? Different light can create different effects: bold colours, silhouettes, or a soft and pretty glow


Upload your photograph by email now then watch this space >>>


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