Self Portaits

24 Apr - 25 May 2018 Exhibitions 10am - 3pm, Tuesday - Saturday
Self Portraits 2
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Part autobiography, part history of late twentieth/early twenty-first century short-sightedness.

Sarah Godsill made her first painted self portrait at 16 after seeing Stanley Spencer’s 1913 self portrait and has drawn and painted them ever since.

Why self portraits?
Lack of sitters, curiosity about the self, no need to flatter - these reasons allow the artist to scrutinise with the freedom to be honest.

Objects and clothing may give a hint of mood, time and place.
Some motifs reappear throughout; a war poet, the changing shape of eyewear and the devotion to a good pair of dungarees.

This exhibition reflects thirty five years of a quiet life with the usual highs, lows, dreams and realities

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FREE entry

Self Portraits runs from Tuesday 24 April - Friday 25 May
Salisbury Arts Centre is open Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 3pm to view this exhibition (subject to closure during performances).