Celebrate Voice: Tommy Foggo - Superhero

24 Oct 2017 Festivals 10am (doors open 9.30am)
CV Tommy Foggo
Tickets: £8 adults | £2 children
A £1 transaction fee applies


A magical multi-media tale of a life saved by music for 7+ and their adults. This is based on a true story. Tommy’s mum had told him to wait for her at the bus stop and never showed up again. It felt to Tommy like he’d been stuck there for a zillion years - even after he’d been taken to live in the children’s home. And then, one day, he runs away – to the seaside, where he finds Destino, a talking cello with a mission.

Booking Details

Tickets: £8 adults | £2 children
A £1 transaction fee applies.

Performance time
10am (doors open 9.30am)