Live Lunch: Fred's House

14 Apr 2018 Music

An award-winning band mixing folk, blues, country, classic rock and West Coast with a definite vintage feel. ...

SQUAWK: Grace Petrie

18 Apr 2018 Music

Grace Petrie is a folk singer, songwriter, and activist from Leicester, UK.

Live Lunch: Ellie Showering

21 Apr 2018 Music

Ellie’s music is rich and melodic and varies in style from song to song while keeping the voice at its centre. ...

All Floyd Showcase

3 May 2018 Music

At their first showcase gig in the stunning surroundings of the Salisbury Arts Centre All Floyd will be performing ...

The Devil's Violin: 'Stolen'

17 May 2018 Music

Daniel Morden transports you to the Land of No Return, his storytelling enhanced by the hypnotic string accompaniment ...

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