Where is Home?

10 May 2017 Theatre & Dance Suitable for ages 11+ 8pm (doors open 7.15pm)
Where is Home
Tickets: £12 | £10 concessions
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Where do you come from? How did you reach this place in your life? Where are you heading? Where is home?

A new twist on a 1000 year old fable, presenting great music and dance from South Africa, mixed with urban culture from London and Los Angeles.

Soweto, late 80s. A young man struggles against the security forces, confronts tribal tensions and deals with the death of his own mother. He falls in love with a girl from the wrong neighbourhood and together they decide to run away from home and everything they have ever known...

Where Is Home? is a universal tale, investigating themes of global human migration and displacement. In this quest for adventure, freedom and love, the characters seek their fortunes, experience war and oppression, fall in love, discover the price of fame, and travel to distant lands only to find that what they seek was right under their noses all along.

Choreography: Bafana Matea, Michael Joseph and Dumisani Ngubane. Original score: Steve Marshall and Grammy winner, Wouter Kellerman. Costumes: Natacha Lacosse (Acossi Jeans NY).

The show marks State of Emergency's 30th anniversary as a producer.



"A breath of fresh air. Good to see a company who are not the usual suspects performing at Edinburgh Fringe." James Mackenzie, Artistic Director, ZOO Venues


“Fantastic! A wonderful mix of African and contemporary Western dance. I loved the energy and commitment of the company.” Brenda Smith (White British Female 60-69)


“Life affirming. Light and dark. Fabulously talented. State of Emergency always produce quality shows - so high.” Edson Burton (Black Caribbean Male 40-49)


“Excellent and hardworking crew. Impressive performance. You all have a bigger and brighter future. Good luck for more upcoming shows.” Shubham Vitkar (Asian/Indian Male 16-19)


"A beautiful tale combining tradition with modern; a story of love, identity, internal and social conflict. Beautifully amalgamated colour, dance, music and history." Nela Klomfarova (White European Female 20-29)


"It was amazing! I loved it so much. Being from Zimbabwe I was able to relate to the music and storyline. I really enjoyed it. Hell yes!" Charmaine Zinyemba (Black African Female 16-19)


Booking Details

Tickets: £12 | £10 concessions
Members: £11 | £9 concessions
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Performance time:
8pm (doors open 7.15pm)

Running time:
120 minutes 

Suitable for 11+